Our Mission

to make nomadic, organic, fantastic live theatrics


Why a campfire?

A source of warmth, a gathering place, a forge for change, a light in the dark — a campfire is the natural symbol of theatre’s potential.


Why a quorum?

Theatre is only possible with the active presence and participation of its enactors and beholders — its waiting embers and breath of air that ignite upon meeting. This quorum must be met for a story to come alive.

Our Cardinal Points:



Instead of taking up residence in a traditional venue or even a single town, Campfire Quorum finds a new location for every mounted show. The history and atmosphere of each site informs its production, thus augmenting deeper layers of story while bringing attention to the location’s geographic and cultural significance. Whether indoors or out, in a quiet wood or on a bustling street, the environments of all our chosen “campsites” provide an immersive experience. It’s a dynamic synthesis of place and play.



In an attempt to divert from the wasteful patterns of the modern theatre industry, Campfire Quorum conceptualizes productions through a minimalist lens, embracing the challenge of imaginatively realizing each play’s world. We make full use of the existing scenery and natural lighting in our environmental settings, and seek out green options when energy or resources are needed. Of the firm belief that high production quality is not mutually exclusive of sustainable practices, we are regularly exploring more ways to advance eco-conscious producing. It’s “leave no trace” theatre.



If there’s a throughline to Campfire Quorum's work, it is the mystical, the whimsical, the mythical. It is reflected not only in our programming, but also in how we realize texts, both metaphoric and mundane, in production. Fantasy illustrates the abstract; makes tangible our steepest dreams and deepest shadows. It allows us to confront the big ideas more simply and clearly. CQ harnesses its playful possibilities when fused with those of theatre. We stoke magic to life.



We believe that the best theatre wields its unique power to portray true stories in imagined settings. That the point isn’t to replicate a kitchen or drawing room or castle, but to tell a story so well you’d think you were in one. By removing the extraneous, Campfire Quorum invites you to see the poetry of life. This medium of make-believe plays well with our three other cardinal points, encompassing the artistic challenges they put forth. We make theatre that’s good at being theatre.