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The Witch
in the Woods, 2021

Show Art: Katharine McManus

Driven by lust, the men of Ravenna seek out Hecate, the Witch in the Woods, for charms and enchantments to get what they want: the women of Ravenna. But when the Duchess visits the Witches for a more sinister spell, she gets much more than she reckoned -- or that's how the Pilgrim Women tell the story...

This premiere production by Campfire Quorum imagines Thomas Middleton's 1616 play, THE WITCH, performed in 1620 by the Women of the Mayflower on their first day ashore in Provincetown. Under the guise of doing laundry, they sneak away from the men and into the Woods to break Puritanical taboos -- donning pants, taking to the stage, casting spells, and reveling in the newfound power of their escapist "new world."

But will the theatrical spell they are weaving leave them unchanged?


"Nothing gets you in the fall spirit quite like a trip to the woods to see a play about witches.... And yet it did not rest on the laurels of a perfect setting, instead pushing beyond to a concept that highlighted the censorship — particularly the censorship of women — that still haunts us to this day."

- Bess Rowen, Medium

"The Provincetown woods is a fitting location for this production of Middleton’s 1616 dramedy.... While the men are busy at work in the new world, the women decide to do a different kind of world-building — not the Western colonizer type."

- Cam Blair, The Provincetown Independent

Adapted from the play by Thomas Middleton

Directed by Megan Nussle

Line Produced by Patrick Riviere & Katherine McCombs

Costume Designed by Carol Sherry


Jadah Carroll

Marcy Feller

Sara Fitzpatrick

Brit Maker

Madison Mayer

Marcia Mello

Alice Murphy

Sam Sewell

Sallie Tighe 

Directions to the Woods

A short walk, bike, or drive

from Provincetown Center:

  1. Head East on Commercial St

  2. Turn left on Pearl St

  3. Turn left on Brewster St

  4. Turn right on Harry Kemp Way

  5. You'll find the entrance to the Woods at the end of Harry Kemp Way

map to Woods 2.png

Production Sponsors


The Provincetown Community Compact, Inc. is the fiscal sponsor of Campfire Quorum.

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