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by William Shakespeare

After witnessing the fun had in a recent pizza reading, I've decided to try out a "Ptown Pizza Reading" series each month this winter. Anyone and everyone are welcome -- there's just one rule: you must read!

The plays read will be published, classic comedies with large casts so that everyone can participate. The purpose of these events is simply to gather with fellow actors/ artists/ dramatic-lit-enthusiasts, eat pizza, and enjoy great works of theatre.

The Commons has graciously donated the use of their lovely Community Room, and I plan to order George's Pizza for everyone. The event is free to attend, I just ask that you pitch in $5 if you plan on eating.

The first reading will be: William Shakespeare's TWELFTH NIGHT Thursday, January 16th at 6pm The Commons, 46 Bradford Street, Provincetown

To keep the expectations for these events clear, I've written out these guidelines:

  • The purpose is not to perform or audition now or later, but rather to read for the enjoyment of reading a play. Since this means there should be no "audience," it would be appreciated if all present read something, even if the stage directions. I will try to select plays that have some small parts for those who don't want too much spotlight, and you can let me know your role size preference when you RSVP.

  • To keep costs and environmental impacts low, please bring your own hardcopy of the text or a device to read the PDF. I will always provide a PDF file of the text for printing or to use on devices.

  • Roles will be assigned as people RSVP and requests will be taken into consideration as much as possible. You might not always get your first choice, but I will try to assign according to the size of role you request. And because the gender ratio of attendees will be a surprise each time, some readers may be cast in a gender different from their own. But not to worry -- this is theatre and we can use our imaginations!

Finally, please let me know if you have any questions. I'm curious to see how this trial event goes. Please RSVP to let me know if you can attend, and I'll send along the script and your role asap.


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