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by E. Nesbit

adapted by Mike Kenny

I'm delighted to invite you to the next holiday season-themed virtual Pizza Reading: THE RAILWAY CHILDREN by E. Nesbit, adapted by Mike Kenny. The reading is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 28th at 6pm Eastern. Over 100 years old, E. Nesbit's family classic centers on the lives of three children whose comfortable, middle-class existence ends when their father has to go away unexpectedly. Roberta, Peter and Phyllis leave their London home and move with their mother to a small cottage in the country where life is very different, and where the railway becomes a source of fascination and solace to the children. Like the people it carries from place to place, the train represents their connection with one another: people coming in and going, the hope for something exciting just around the corner, and the tempo and rhythm of life. However, mystery remains – where is their father?

Usual Pizza Reading rules: all participants must read a small part. Please RSVP by Monday, Dec. 26th. I will send along the script, roles, and Zoom details on Tuesday. To reiterate: THE RAILWAY CHILDREN by E. Nesbit Wednesday, Dec. 28 6pm Eastern Hope you can join me on this sojourn to a country past...


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