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by Noel Coward

Announcing this February's Pizza Reading: Noel Coward's BLITHE SPIRIT!

The reading is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 16 at 6pm Eastern.

This will also be the start of a regular Pizza Reading schedule: the third Wednesday of each month. I aim to maintain this scheule, so folks may plan ahead and join when able.


February 16th, join us around the (virtual) seance table with Madame Arcati to summon the spirit of Elvira, the temperamental first wife of fussy, re-married novelist, Charles Condomine. As their worldly (and other-worldly) personalities clash, Charles’ current wife, Ruth, is accidentally killed, then joins in on the haunting hilarity!


Usual Pizza Reading rules: all participants must read a small part. Please RSVP by Monday, Feb. 14. I will send along the script, roles, and Zoom details that Tuesday.

And if you'd prefer to read from a hardcopy, you can likely find a copy in your local library. Hope you can join me for this spirit (and pizza dough)-raising reading!


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