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by Georges Feydeau

translated by David Ives

This month's long-awaited Virtual Pizza Reading will be on.........*drum roll*........March 32nd! (April Fools!!)

And to celebrate with tomfoolery, we will be reading David Ives' version of Georges Feydeau's A FLEA IN HER EAR.

Lauded as the greatest of French farces, this adaptation of Feydeau's classic comedy has everything you could want in a farce: confused identities, a drunken bellboy, plots to trap unfaithful husbands, a revolving bed -- who could ask for more!?

Per Pizza Readings rules, all participants must read at least a small part. Please RSVP by midnight TONIGHT! (Wednesday, March 31st)

If laughter is the best medicine, this ridiculous romp has an ample supply!

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