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short devised play
Cultural Center of Cape Cod, 2022

In this immersive short play, our Spirit Guides lead "travellers" on a mindful journey around the arm of Cape Cod. Travelling two at a time with eyes closed, you will be guided by the words of poets and prose written on or inspired by the Cape, resulting in a transcendent personal experience.

What will you look for on your journey?


a short devised play

commissioned by The Awareness Project

premiered at the 2022 Mindfulness Spring Arts Festival

Devised and Performed by

Chris Brady

Paul E. Halley

John Shuman

Directed by

Megan Nussle


Artwork by

Mark Adams

Including excerpts from:

Walden and Cape Cod by Henry David Thoreau

"Old Cape Cod" by Claire Rothrock,

sung by Patti Page

"Coming Home" by Mary Oliver

"The Outermost Umbrella" by Jeffery Conway

A video sneak peek at Awareness Project founder Pete Cormier's Deliberately journey, guided by actor John Shuman.

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